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Time and Space

Here's a brief interlude into time and space.

The time is 2:8:22 EST.
The date is 2017-11-23.
The month is November, and the day of the week is Thursday.
326 of 365 days have passed so far this year.

The above Wolfram|Alpha search widget provides easy access to the entirety of its computational knowledge engine. Simply type a question into the search box, click the submit button and, Voila!, you receive an answer. Not only is the above Wolfram|Alpha search widget capable of performing all kinds of mathematical computations such as computing the distances between cities across Earth, distances throughout the Solar System, and distances across interstellar space (for example, the distance between Earth and Betelgeuse) but also it is capable of performing a wide range of other kinds of computational tasks such as obtaining global weather conditions. It even will cite the Ten Commandments or Stephen Wolfram's biography. Wolfram|Alpha is inching closer to its stated goal of "making all human knowledge computable and accessible to every human being from a single source."

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